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Remembering Japan and cherry blossoms

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What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it. ~ Gabriel García Márquez

Sunday will be the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. I have a new article at that looks back at that event and honours the enduring strength of the Japanese people.

“Nature humbles us to grapple with its wake. How we choose to wrestle with the consequence of our survival is up to us. There were stories of strangers leaving food outside shacks for the residents inside. Homeless people were taken in by their community. Mothers searched for children that would never be found. Awaking to the light of another day was seen as a divine gift or a sisyphean curse.”

In Other Words

There’s a new addition to my blog called Other Words. You’ll find it at the top of my home page just east of About. It’s the place where I’ll post links to articles and other bits of my writing that have been published. Should you feel so inclined I’d love for you to stop by and have a read every once in awhile. I welcome your comments, always.

Words are deeds. The words we hear
May revolutionize or rear
A mighty state. The words we read
May be a spiritual deed
Excelling any fleshly one,
As much as the celestial sun
Transcends a bonfire, made to throw
A light upon some raree-show.
A simple proverb tagged with rhyme
May colour half the course of time;
The pregnant saying of a sage
May influence every coming age;
A song in its effects may be
More glorious than Thermopylae,
And many a lay that schoolboys scan
A nobler feat than Inkerman.

Words” by William Charles Wentworth, from

Image credit: Tamiko Sato -”See the Faces of the Tsunami” by Denis Rouvre, New York Times Magazine, February 23, 2012

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