Notes on a Buddhist path


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When I began this blog in early 2011 I was still adrift in the world of worldlings, a servant to the beckon calls of delusion in its myriad of unsavoury forms. As time as passed there have been relinquishments to many of the tethers that bound me to the mundane expectations of what this life should be. Abandoning the trappings of home, employment, relationships, and most of my possessions, I have found peace in the quiet austerity of a Buddhist monastery where solitude and contentment are my closest companions.

This is a place to share what I have learned, to offer a roadmap perhaps to others of another way to be.

Homage to the Triple Gem. May all beings be well, happy, and peaceful.

Blinded this world —
how few here see clearly!
Just as birds who’ve escaped
from a net are
few, few
are the people
who make it to heaven (Nibbana).

 ~ Dhammapada, Verse 174

About the author

Piyadassi was born in California and found her way home to Canada. She cultivates a life of peace and contemplation at Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery in the pristine wilderness of interior British Columbia.


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