Notes on a Buddhist path

The Crack in Everything

September 16, 2012 By | Leave a Comment

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." ~ Leonard Cohen Washing dishes in the warm ease of a recent morning, something shifted in me. I don't remember what I may have been thinking or what my plans were for that day, but as I … [Read more]

Shame (and Pride) On Me

September 9, 2012 By | 4 Comments

“Pride is nothing but lying.” ~ St. Vincent de Paul "Shame is like everything else; live with it long enough and it becomes part of the furniture." ~ Salman Rushdie A few days after Clause, my cat died, I was speaking to a friend on the phone and … [Read more]

Homage to a Noble Cat

August 21, 2012 By | 16 Comments

If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. ~ Mark Twain Yesterday evening as the sun was tipping its brilliant countenance towards the horizon, Clause, my dear friend and most regal of cats, died … [Read more]

The Sweet Spot

August 12, 2012 By | 6 Comments

The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that … [Read more]

No regrets

August 6, 2012 By | Leave a Comment

This afternoon I shared a delicious Skype call with a friend. We talked about relationships and those beings who come in and out of our lives for a time, whether it be a note of an afternoon, a short story of months or an epic novel of decades. Those … [Read more]

Words for Aurora

July 22, 2012 By | 3 Comments

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. ~ Buddha My recent article at is all about words. Yummy, fragile, crooked, blessed words. After I finished writing it I realized I hadn't gotten words out of my … [Read more]

Trees in Platinum Settings

July 8, 2012 By | Leave a Comment

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies. ~ Joseph Campbell When I lived on a small island in British Columbia, I was surrounded by trees. Trees of the rainforest, ancient cedars and wise elder firs. I walked in their midst daily on my way to … [Read more]

All by my Self

July 1, 2012 By | 1 Comment

Loneliness is needy -- it wants. Solitude is fulfillment -- it has." ~ Sister Wendy Beckett A few nights ago a friend and I enjoyed the teasing bent of one of this summer's rare warm evenings. It's been cold wet year. We sat outside with our brews … [Read more]

Death is a Pisces

June 17, 2012 By | 8 Comments

I think about death. Not a lot, but enough to know how it takes its coffee (dark roast, black) and that it's a Pisces. I talk about it at work, at parties, to just about anyone who will listen. I remember going into the hospital for gynecological … [Read more]

A Good Day

June 10, 2012 By | 1 Comment

May all find simplicity the joyous and practical guide.  ~ Buddhist text As often happens on my Sunday writing day, I sit down at my computer and have no idea what I am going to scribe. Somehow, so far, grace and my muse have always found me. Today … [Read more]

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