Notes on a Buddhist path

I won!

October 21, 2011 By | 4 Comments

I’m not sure what I won, but I’m a winner. Just check out Greetings from Coupeville, the highly successful and widely read blog authored by my dear friend, Michaelene, and you will see the proof for yourself. When I saw my name posted I actually heard a “yippee” jump from my lips. It’s a funny, […]

Get to the cookie

October 17, 2011 By | 4 Comments

Every spring and fall I embark on a cleanse. The list of what I can eat is decidedly shorter than what I deny myself for two, three, four weeks or more. No coffee, caffeine, sugar, salt, flour, dairy, fermented foods, soy, alcohol, exotic fruit, limited whole grains and legumes and no meat, except a little bit of chicken and fish a couple of times a week. Or more succinctly, as one of my friends put it, no fun.

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