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Full of grace

May 8, 2011 By | 1 Comment

I wriggled my way into this world on the Thursday before Mother’s Day, 55 years ago this week. Making my entry at 12:24 p.m. and my subsequent  penchant for never missing a meal, I like to say I arrived just in time for lunch. According to the classic children’s nursery rhyme, I have far to go.

Some years my birthday landed on Mother’s Day and, I’m chagrined to say, neither my mom nor I shared our special day very well. If I was living in another city, Mom would chide me for not coming home for Mother’s Day. If we were living in the same town and I chose to spend my birthday with friends I was the unappreciative daughter. I certainly see my part in all of this and clearly I still had far to go. I’d like to think I’d do a much better job now of celebrating the woman who made me spongy angel food cakes with bubble gum pink icing for as long as I let her. The segue to carrot cakes was a hard patch for us.

Maybe it would spice up the way we see ourselves if we could trade our assigned attributes every once in a while. What if we took on the trait of the day of the week our birthday falls on in any particular year. I have to say I’ve always coveted Tuesday’s child being all full of grace. What a great word. Grace. We say grace before a meal. Mary, Jesus’ mom, was all about the grace.  Then there’s Amazing Grace that still gets me all weepy every time I hear it. And Elvis liked the word so much he called it home.

This year my birthday is on a Tuesday. Since I’ve had so far to go, I think I’ll rest and order up a little grace this time. And Mom, even though you’re not around anymore, how about you and I share a big slab of carrot cake. What was that? Absolutely. With pink icing.


  1. A HaPpY hApPy Birthday to you, Tess!

    I’m sure both your mother and Elvis are proud of the person you have become.

    As for me, I think I’m permanently stuck on Thursday. Then again, it kind of takes the pressure off.

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