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The Cello and The Buddha

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The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing. ~ Voltaire

What a dull world it would be to know everything. Nothing new to explore, to discover, to turn up or turn over. I can’t imagine life without learning, without wanting to investigate this existence more and more. One of the yearning learning dreams I have is to play the cello. Music lessons, writing and Buddhism: as in life they all require a surrender to seeing things in a different way and they all demand a lot of practice.

I’ve written a new article for taking a look at knowing and learning, writing what you don’t know, the cello and the Buddha. Here’s an excerpt:

“The older I get the more I know I don’t know and feel quite content residing on my know-nothing estate. The days of feeling like the mistress of my domain or even wanting that burden have ebbed with time so that I can barely assuage my surety of knowing anything anymore.”

And besides the article there’s a really cool video of Yo Yo Ma and the rest of The Goat Rodeo Sessions band at the end of the piece.

I hope you’ll read it. Then go out and learn something brand spanking new.

Boundless by Colin Oliver

Like the wind searching,
lifting feathers round
the sparrow’s neck,
lifting leaves in a wave
across the bean field,
I find no place
where I can say,
here my being ends.

“Boundless” by Colin Oliver from Stepping Into Brilliant Air, copyright Shollond Trust, 2001.

Image credit: Cello closeup3 via Wikimedia Commons

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