Notes on a Buddhist path


December 30, 2012 By | 2 Comments

Opening the suitcases filled to the brim with old photos, I watched the years and memories spill out onto my living room floor. Who were all these people?

Happy Bodhisattva Jesus’s Birthday!

December 24, 2012 By | 4 Comments

Since becoming a Buddhist many of the attachments and traditions that I thought defined me have been slipping away. Christmas is not yet one of them.

Do Not Hold

December 17, 2012 By | 7 Comments

It’s hard to find words that can make sense of the murders in Newtown, Connecticut. Even now I find myself feeling distant and in a kind of numb state of being.


December 9, 2012 By | 6 Comments

If is a funny little word. It’s not much in size, yet it can conjure up fantastic future schemes and lay waste to our precious reflections on the past.

An empty chair

November 25, 2012 By | 5 Comments

This grief feels thicker somehow. There’s no one here but me, rattling about and stepping over shadows of invisible cats, rewriting the script of my daily life.

Goodbye, my friend

November 20, 2012 By | 9 Comments

Love and marriage herded the direction of my life towards a preponderance of animal companions. Over the years life and time had their way with us all.

Dear Patience

November 18, 2012 By | 11 Comments

I spoke with a friend this morning and the subject of patience came up. Or more precisely, impatience. Alright, it wasn’t just any impatience; it was mine.

Somebody that I used to know

November 4, 2012 By | 6 Comments

Since I started down the Buddhist path I’ve seen pieces of me change and morph into new semblances of what I define as this being called Tess.

Nothing, thank you

October 28, 2012 By | Leave a Comment

In the midst of all my thoughts I stopped the petitions to the future and reminded myself of the delicious presence surrounding me. For the briefest of milliseconds I was in the arms of nothing.

Ground Control

October 21, 2012 By | 5 Comments

It’s funny how clear and mindful one can be when illness is a thought playing in your head vs. the sensory experience of snot dripping from your nose, your head feeling like a Zeppelin, and your body aching so much from relentless fits of hacking that you’re sure you’ve just coughed up a portion of your lung into the toilet.

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