Notes on a Buddhist path

The Owl

December 14, 2014 By | 4 Comments

There was an owl that was a constant sight on my daily walks of the summer. I would spot him sitting still and silent, a graven image of my misplaced idolatry.

Slip Sliding Away

November 2, 2014 By | 6 Comments

Settling into the retreat, the hours crossed a panorama of arisings and passings that brought with them gifts of sightings and subtle awakenings to how it all could be.


September 1, 2014 By | 8 Comments

Are we so different from the stars? A poem for now and the big bang waiting inside all of us.

The Agony of Defeat

February 23, 2014 By | 5 Comments

We as a society honor our victors, the winners, the ones who beat our agreed upon opponent, our enemy. Yet at what cost do our celebrations over the loss of another aid in our consciousness, our minds and our hearts?

I think I am…

December 8, 2013 By | 12 Comments

It isn’t that I think therefore I am. A more apt summation of our human condition is I think I am, therefore I think I have form and sensations, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness, in sum the Five Aggregates of Buddhism.

Somebody that I used to know

November 4, 2012 By | 6 Comments

Since I started down the Buddhist path I’ve seen pieces of me change and morph into new semblances of what I define as this being called Tess.

All by my Self

July 1, 2012 By | 1 Comment

A few nights ago a friend and I enjoyed the teasing bent of one of this summer’s rare warm evenings. We sat outside with our brews and pub fare listening to jazz riffs improvise with the solo notes of the waterside breeze and talked about relationships, work, soulful matters and solitude.

Is there any I out there?

May 20, 2012 By | 4 Comments

As a writer my I is fixated on birthing pithy lines of prose and then killing all my little darlings, watching words emerge as perfect butterflies from ethereal cocoons only to pluck the wings from their temporal bodies in search of deeper meanings.

The unbelievable lightness of being

March 25, 2012 By | 12 Comments

For months I had been in a state of dis-ease with my Buddhist practice, wondering where my beliefs fit into my life and what I held as dear.

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